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Victoria Stilwell and Jane Williams have joined forces to offer world-class dog training services in your community

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Victoria Stilwell best known for the hit TV show ‘It’s Me or the Dog’, where she uses reward based training techniques to reform unruly hounds and their owners, has just appointed Jane Williams as her first approved dog trainer in the South of England.

It’s not easy to get Victoria’s approval; videos of Jane’s training classes and behaviour cases were sent to the USA, where Victoria is based, testimonials were gathered and extensive telephone interviews conducted with the lady herself, before Victoria was happy to admit Jane to her network.

The network of Positively Dog Trainers is a global one designed to promote the use of reward based dog training. This means that when you go to classes, you will be shown how to reward good behaviours to develop a strong, positive relationship with your dog. Positive dog training means not using choke chains, not shouting at or smacking dogs, and not pulling them about on the end of a lead.

“One problem is that many people want a quick fix solution to unwanted behaviours in dogs”, says Jane, “So they try the water sprays, the shouting, or the choke chain to make the dog walk nicely on the lead. In the long term, none of these work. You have to get to the root of the problem to solve it.”

Jane’s positive approach will take responsible owners on the right path towards a well behaved pet dog, which listens to them and is under control in all situations. It Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training Classes will also help owners to develop a meaningful and satisfying relationship with their dog.

Like everything in life – there are no free lunches. You get from the dog what you put in. If you spend some time training positively every day with your dog – you will get so much back and will enjoy your dog so much more.

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