Client Feedback

We love receiving feedback from our behaviour and training clients.
“Thank you for your help. You have been amazing. We are in a much better place with the boys Bob and Ed.”
Andrew, June 2021
"I had about 10 friends over for a barbeque and was so pleased with how Abbi behaved all day. She was friendly to people, played beautifully with another dog. I am so proud of her. Thank you for your help in the beginning when it looked so bleak!”
“Thank you for a very helpful session Jane, and lovely to meet everyone”
“Thank you! These sessions are very useful We are going to play puppy ping-pong in the garden tomorrow.”
“Gundog workshop was a great session yesterday – we both really enjoyed it.”
Alex with Bert
“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Cherryl for a brilliant class”
Mandy with Amy
"Thank you for all the help and guidance Cherryl – we are delighted with how well Milly has done”
Jenny with Frankie