Dog Training

Training is kind - no choke chains, no shouting, no water sprays or cans of stones, no pulling or pushing dogs to force them to do things – sadly many of these methods are still seen in UK training classes.

Training is all reward-based.

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Our Classes Are

Fun - a mix of instruction, games and competitions ensures that your dog and you are never bored.
Supportive - with a wealth of teaching experience Jane can help you train your dog in the most positive way. 
Effective - dogs learn all the basic cues and the essential ones – recall can be a life-saver – literally
Small – we keep groups small to give you that personalised help that you need, as well as being part of a group
Puppy zoom classes are available for puppies as an accelerated puppy course from 8 weeks.
Get ahead of the game with your puppy straight away, ready for face-to-face classes.
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One-to-One Training
One-to-one training sessions are available for those dogs who need a specific focus perhaps on recall or lead walking. If your dog pulls you down the road – teach how to walk next to you on a loose-lead. 
These sessions can also be helpful for young dogs to prevent the development of unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, mouthing or grabbing clothes.
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Classes now available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Evening, daytime and weekend classes are available. Some classes are indoors whiles others are outside - an option which can suit dogs who need space to become accustomed to working around other people and dogs.
We also offer workshops at weekends for those who want to try rally, agility, gundogs for pets, tracking, parkour, hoopers, fly-ball and treiball as a way to extend your training, teach your dog new cues and have even more fun once you have grasped the basics.
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Guided Walks
Available individually or as a small group e.g. for puppy’s first walks in secure locations, to help you to get the best out of walks and teach your puppy to stay close to you, walk on lead, play with other dogs.

Agility Classes
Available through in Summer as a six week block. Book on our events page.