Our Behavioural Consulting Services

Behavioural Consultations

After receiving your request for help, Jane will make contact by email or phone, to book a first consultation. 

This will be remotely to give you the opportunity to share your story with her and set out the changes you would like to see in your pet’s behaviour. Your vet will need to be involved so that we have a holistic approach to improving your pet’s quality of life and welfare. Working together as professionals we can offer the best package of support and advice.
First consultations take place on-line, with you providing video footage of the unwanted behaviours. Jane will then put together a plan of action for you to get started.

Follow-on sessions may be outdoors at Apollo Vets, Black Notley, at your home, or they may continue on-line, depending on the best approach for you, your pet, and the problems you are having. Contact is maintained through text, WhatsApp, Zoom and email. You will receive information for behaviour change by email, as information sheets, via training videos and feedback on your own management to help you.

The approach used will always focus on positive training methods to reward good behaviours. At the same time, you will be shown how to change the unwanted behaviours, in ways that your dog can understand. Sometimes we can make our dog’s behaviour worse (without meaning to) by our reactions to what he or she is doing. We can also easily frighten our dogs, or damage the bond with them, by using harsh methods – for many dogs, shouting can be very scary.

We will agree a plan of action that you think you can realistically carry out. You will be encouraged to train your dog and to provide stimulating activities to enrich your dog’s life. Many unwanted behaviours arise from boredom and frustration as with life’s many demands. We often do not spend enough quality time with our dogs.

As a qualified behaviourist Jane will try to identify the reasons for your dog’s behaviours. Without understanding what is driving the dog, we can never hope to get a lasting solution or improvement. Some methods suggested by less qualified people, may address the symptoms without getting to the heart of the problem. This approach may have some short-term success, but will not address the problem for the future, and in the worst-case scenario, can make the problem far worse.

Online Consultations

On-line consultations have a number of benefits, especially at the start of the process of changing your dog’s behaviour. And, of course, the huge plus at the moment is that it is totally CoVid secure.

Through on-line, or face-to-face, consultations I can see the whole family in the home environment. People send me videos of the problem behaviours, most of which I wouldn’t see in one visit, and I can have a virtual tour of the home when working on-line. I can then watch the behaviours as many times as I need to. This allows me to give detailed feedback on what is happening and advice on how to deal with it. Generally consultations can be arranged more quickly on-line, as I don’t have to block out half a day or more for a visit, I can see you sooner. Follow up sessions can be arranged quickly, maybe a short session is all that is needed, if things aren’t going to plan. Depending on the case, face-to-face consultations may then be needed.

Whichever type of consultation we have, I send training videos information sheets and a plan. I stay in touch through email and WhatsApp. People send me videos of their training and what they are doing with the dog for me to coach them through any changes needed.


Many pet insurance companies will accept claims based on behaviour issues, but require the behaviourist to be ABTC registered, or a member of the APBC, as this confirms a high level of training and understanding of animal behaviour. Jane is a full member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors). She is also ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council) registered as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Vet Referrals

Vet referral is an essential part of the process for behaviour cases. Your vet will (with your permission) send a medical history as part of the referral. As your vet is the professional who is legally responsible for the overall health and welfare of your pet, they should know you are seeking behavioural advice. We can then work together to achieve the best result for you and your pet in terms of improved behaviour and welfare.