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This is about basic training outdoors for all breeds of pet dog, with a focus on the types of cues that are needed when working safely with dogs in the field. As ever the workshops are fun, with activities involving recall, heelwork, stay, send-away, retrieve and seeking out favourite toys. This is an introduction to the work that traditionally gundogs carry out, delivered in a fun, supportive way.


An introduction to scent work – following your nose is what dogs do best. We learn how to follow them, following their nose! Dogs need a soft, comfortable harness to do this workshop – you need walking shoes, boots, or strong trainers depending upon the weather.


We have the full range of agility equipment available for use in the secure arena. We start with tunnels and jumps, then progress onto the weave, box, tyre and then larger dog-walk and A-frame. Safety is key – dogs are encouraged to try out the activities and supported as they learn how to tackle the obstacles safely. Some of them take time to build the confidence they need to tackle all of the obstacles. Once they are enjoying several obstacles, we build courses for them to practice their skills. An exciting, fun and very tiring activity for you and your dog!


An introduction to hoopers – an obstacle-course based activity, with short tunnels, hoops and barrels to run around. Ideal for dogs who would find agility too challenging. Also a great way to start working with obstacles with a view to doing agility.


Sometimes called free-running, which involves your dog building confidence, improving coordination, balance and stability by learning the way round every day obstacles. This could include, logs, steps, tunnels, ramps, walkways, or other suitable objects to work with.


Learning lots of different cues and tricks with your dog, this can be done as a competitive sport. Teaching good heelwork is part of this activity, alongside tricks and use of small-scale equipment such as tunnels, jumps, weaves. This can be done indoors or outdoors.

Heelwork to Music

This is a great way to improve your dog’s heelwork – walking along beside you on a loose lead. Add in the fun moves to music – for you and your dog – and some extra cues for tricks and you have a fabulous session set up for you and your dog. You can take all this home with you to practise using your favourite tunes!


This is a game of herding 8 huge gym balls into a goal. Great fun once your dog has been taught targeting the ball. The border collie types find this a great alternative to trying to herd people, other dogs into position and it’s much more fun!


This involves running out over small jumps to retrieve a ball and come back over all the same jumps again. Sounds easy – well there is a lot to this one, but if your dog is ball-obsessed this could be the sport for you!