Tracking Workshop 18 August 2024

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Learn the basics of helping your dog to follow scent trails with you! The dog can already do this - and follows scents every day as part of a normal walk. This is about teaching you to let your dog show you the way! Great fun - come and join us. All the training is reward-based – there is no shouting or telling dogs off. No harmful methods are allowed – the use of slip leads or choke chains is prohibited. Please bring your dog on a normal lead (2m long) and fixed harness for this workshop. Please bring plenty of treats cut up small including some normal dried food, plus chicken, cheese or other treat as an extra incentive. Please bring water and a bowl for your dog and a bed for her/him to lie on. At all times, the dog remains the responsibility of the owner. Responsibility for the dog’s welfare and actions and for the safety of those in contact with the dog remains with the owner. Dogs showing aggression towards other dogs or people will not be suitable to attend this event. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start so we can sort out any special requirements, and meet you and your dog before we start.


18 August 2024


Apollo Vets Black Notley
45 Witham Road Black Notley CM7 8LQ

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